More than half of Americans want stricter gun laws, in addition to that less than ten percent of Americans claim that almost no one should be able to own a gun legally, according to a new Pew poll.

Fewer than ten percent of Americans want to ban guns entirely, and only ten percent said that “almost no types” of guns should be legally available to buy. All the while the Obama administration led Americans to believe that the majority wanted to erode the second amendment.

The Pew surveyed 4,000 Americans and found that roughly 42% live in a house with a gun or a gun owner, and 57% do not. However, at least two-thirds of those surveyed have lived in a house with a gun or a gun owner.

Gun ownership in America has deep roots, embedded into our society since the founding of this nation; the second amendment has prevailed through almost all trials.

Although, gun owners and non-gun owners are deeply divided, on some issues they find common ground such as preventing those with mental illnesses and those on federal watch lists from buying guns.


The study suggests that only a handful of Americans want to ban guns, leading to the question, who? Who exactly wants guns prohibited in this country, because as the poll suggests more than 90% of those surveyed do not want the totality of the second amendment off of the books.

The full study has been published by the Pew Research Center and is available right here.