Time to Arm Teachers? Recent School Shootings Prompt Legislation To Make School Gun-Free Zones Obsolete


The first recorded school shooting took place in 1840 in the United States and since then, these horrific events have continued, they are not a new occurrence. President Trump is set to release his agenda to make schools a safer place for education to take place.

Statistically speaking, schools are far safer than they were in the 1990’s, in addition, according to James Alan Fox, the Lipman Family Professor of Criminology, Law, and Public Policy at Northeastern it is unlikely that any policy created as a result of school shootings will wholeheartedly thwart these events.


Regardless of your side of the aisle, the facts are that criminals will be criminals, outlawing things such as drugs or guns, does not stop the ill-willed from getting ahold of these items to do harm to others. Otherwise, things such as cocaine and heroin would not be apart of the current drug epidemic facing the United States right now.

As a result of recent school shootings in Florida and Kentucky, President Trump has announced his agenda to arms teachers with both knowledge and firearms to aid in the protection of students in the event of a mass shooting.

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However, many are opposed to the idea on the basis that classrooms should not include firearms, but according to the President, a gun-free zone is an opportunity for a lunatic who intends harm against others. What say you?

On Sunday night, President Trump took the first step towards arming teachers by promising Justice Department assistance to help fund firearms training for school personnel. The President’s proposal would seek to increase the accuracy of background checks, expand mental health programs, and encourage military veterans and retired law enforcement officers to take up careers in education.

While on the phone with reporters, Betsy DeVos, the Education Secretary, stated that the President’s proposal is a “pragmatic plan to dramatically increase school safety.”

Although the President has responded with action and legislation, schools across the country are gearing up for massive student walkouts. In response to the walkouts some schools have taken a hard line, promising to suspend students who walk out, while others are using a softer approach, working with students to set up places on campus where they can remember the victims of the Florida shooting and express their views about school safety and gun control.

In addition, on Sunday, Kentucky, who also suffered a recent school shooting, took action by Bill SB 103, which paves the way for teachers to be armed. According to the author of the bill; it is not designed to stop school shootings, but rather, in the event of one save lives.

“It increases that kid’s chances of surviving. And if there is someone there with a weapon, they will be able to take down the assailant, or at least calm the situation,” West said.

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