Must Watch: The Elite Are Infuriated With Donald Trumps Following


Donald Trump has set the stage for the 2016 election. Whether you are for him or against him, one point should get duly noted; and that is the elite hate him and the people that follow him.

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America is on the brink, and instead of this reality being contained within conspiracy circles, it’s evident that the rest of America understands, to a degree, what this years election holds. If Hillary is selected – America swings into socialism and collapse; if Trump is selected – his following believes that he will save America, but he will likely bring about war. The two individuals are on opposite sides of the spectrum, and instead of the same old political nonsense during selections; it comes down to this – either choose an individual who is so corrupt, and who would place the final nail in America’s coffin. Or choose the individual who will make the rest of the world fire the final nail into Americas coffin.

Trump is a nationalist, and believes in Americanism. Hillary is a globalist, who believes in a One World Government. Technically it comes down to where America is heading, is the US going to return to the Constitution or further dive into globalism? Legally, America cannot be a globalist country; however the elite are rapidly trying to place someone in office radical enough to push outlandish globalist agendas through.

The great divide; realistically America needs to return to it’s roots. However, the globalists are pushing with all of their strength to place America under global rule, rather than constitutional rule. With every sweeping accusation against Hillary Clinton, the evidence grows, yet individuals are still brainwashed into her camp. All while the Media claims it’s Trump’s camp that houses the “haters.”


Slate’s Jacob Weinberg claims that Donald Trump is ‘a menace and a danger to democracy’; but in the same interview he reveals something else “While we where all watching ‘Breaking Bad,’ America was watching ‘The Apprentice’, and he was famous and had a following that I think many of us in ‘the elite,’ pardon the expression, didn’t fully recognize or appreciate.” Then the other individual claims; “One of the dialogues going on about Trump is the Media and the Elite, saying ‘how did we miss this? What did we get wrong?’”

Given the above statement’s it is becoming increasingly evident that Trump is a wild card, and the elite and the media are becoming increasingly terrified if he gets selected. However, according to Weinberg even if Trump doesn’t get selected, the “menace to democracy” has left his mark on America and it will cause problems past far beyond November 8th.

What is being build is a system in which if Trump is not selected; Trump’s following will be targeted by the ‘elite’ and the establishment. This is what will further divide this country, and potentially send the USA into a civil war; which is a very possible outcome because of Hillary’s stance on Gun Control.

It is far beyond evident, that the establishment is against Trump, but is Trump all that great? Depending on one man to save a country is never a good idea. There is a line, in which America must not also cross, and that line is depending on man rather than God for the deliverance of America out of the hands of tyrannical elitists. Giving power to an elitist is not a good idea, and after the selection of 2016, most likely one of two options will house that power; the globalist criminal – Hillary Clinton, or the reality TV star Donald Trump.

Realistically, both options are elitists; they just have different opinions on where America should be heading. America you decide the fate of the generations to come with this election. At the end of the day, one thing should get deeply noted; the establishment hates Trumps’ following.