Breaking: Explosion Reported At FedEx Facility in San Antonio, Texas One Injured

In what appears to be a continuation of the bombings ongoing throughout Austin, Texas a package within the mailing center inside a FedEx building has exploded injuring one.

Luckily, out of the seventy-five employees at the facility only one was injured, and the one that was injured walked away with a minor headache from the blast.

The FBI later said that it is likely that the explosion is connected to the recent bombings. In addition, according to officials on scene the medium-sized package contained metal shrapnel and nails and was headed to Austin when it exploded on a conveyor track.

The occurrence took place just before 0030 and at the 9900 block of Doerr Lane, which is located not far from Highway 3009 and Nacogdoches Road.

After at least four explosions, the city of Austin is on edge. The Austin Police Department is requesting that the bomber call them and the reward is set at 100k.