Breaking News The UK May Experience A “Black Out”

Energy companies are seeking more power across the UK because of “multiple plant breakdowns”. There is “no” immediate danger of a black out but this winter is a major cause for concern. However warnings have been issued.

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National Grid has asked energy companies to generate more power after “multiple plant breakdowns”.

The power firm said there was no immediate risk of blackouts, but it is the first time such a notice has been issued for three years.

An additional 500 megawatts is being requested for later today – equivalent to the power surge experienced at half time during a big sports event.

A statement said: “National Grid has issued a notice to the industry today asking for more generation to be brought on to the system.

“This is part of our standard toolkit for balancing supply and demand and is not an indication there is an immediate risk of disruption to supply or blackouts. It indicates that we would like our power held in reserve to be higher.

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