CERN and Fermilab Are Manufacturing The Worlds Most Detrimental Weapon

Matter and antimatter are the most dangerous combination. This combination would produce an explosion far larger than that of the atomic bomb. However, what matters is the amount of each substance combined. Scientists plan to create antimatter rockets that would make humans interstellar. However, that is not all they plan to do with antimatter. The scientists also see that it fit for military applications, or in other words creating weapons of mass destruction.

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There is no going back if there is a mistake in calculations, there is no do over, there is just a monstrous boom, which with the right amount can blow up the earth, or parts of it; utterly destroying humanity.

The most common application will be for energy, such as propelling rockets into distant regions of space. “NASA spacecrafts, currently powered by ion thrusters, have top speeds of 200,000mph. The antimatter rocket could hit speeds of 72 million mph,” Weed claimed.

He also claimed that he plans to power rockets with “annihilation.”

Nasa’s New Horizons mission — which has given us lots of pretty pictures recently — took ten years to get to Pluto. That travel time could be reduced to just months with the development of the world’s first antimatter rocket. Ryan Weed and his team at Positron Dynamics are creating the spacecraft that could loop Earth in three seconds and reach Mars in weeks.

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