Crimea Hit by Power Blackout and Ukraine Trade Boycott

Again, the proxy war rages on; over and over again it is the middle east, then back to Ukraine, then back to the Middle East, and so on. The people caught in the middle are casualties of an unending and inevitable war. World War 3. The lives lost are usually civilian, and there appears to be yet another turn of events coming about in Ukraine. Just two days ago the power was cut off to Crimea by way of an explosion. Approximately two million people are in a crisis right now, while the government declares state of emergency and attempts to get the power back to the people the Crimean Tatars are blocking it.

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Ukraine has suspended deliveries of goods to Crimea, where a power blackout has caused major disruption.

Only essential services and government offices are operating in Crimea after key electricity pylons connected to the peninsula were knocked down in Ukraine.

Protesters, including Crimean Tatars, are preventing the repair work. Russia has warned of retaliatory measures.

Ukraine is planning new rules for cargo traffic for the southern peninsula, which was annexed by Russia in 2014.

There has been disruption to road and rail traffic to and from Crimea since Ukrainian nationalists and Crimean Tatars began a border blockade in September.

Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev said the protesters would only let engineers repair two pylons that serve areas of mainland Ukraine – not the two linked to Crimea.

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