As it all begins to unfold one thing is clear, it is a staged event. One of his closest friends is black, and according to him Dylann never treated him any different. Again, Dylann Roof’s friend: He Never Said Anything Racist, which means that the official story should come under fire because how did a young boy supposedly all of a sudden in under a week decide to shoot up a church when that was not even his “target”.

The odd part of it all is that why in the world did this boy shoot up a church? It does not make sense unless there was provocation. The words that Dylann used sounded scripted as if someone were coaching the whole incident.

This video brings a whole lot into question as to hat really took place here. Dylann Roof’s friend He Never Said Anything Racist

Dylann Roof's friend He Never Said Anything Racist

A friend of Dylann Roof, the man charged over this week’s shooting in a church in South Carolina, has told BBC News that the suspect had told him a week earlier he wanted to attack a local university.

Christon Scriven, 21, told the BBC’s Rajini Vaidyanathan that Mr Roof “wanted to shoot that school up – UCA university of Charleston – it’s 3 miles up the street from that church.”

Mr Scriven said Dylann Roof “had no intention of harming those people in that church”.

He also said that he had “never said anything racist, never treated me any different”.


Dylann Roof's friend He Never Said Anything Racist

Source: Dylann Roof’s friend: ‘He never said anything racist’ – BBC News

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