Forbes Warns Of ‘Police State’ America! Last Chance To Save 1st Amendment!

Mainstream media’s Forbes is warning of a US Police State in a newly released story in which EVEN the reporter of the story ADMITS that, if Barack Obama’s new cyber-security proposals are brought into law, HE would be guilty of cyber-crimes as the US govt prepares to crack down upon the internet and the 1st Amendment.

We are told by security experts that purposely vague terms in the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act could be quite easily interpreted so that ANYONE who clicks on a link to leaked data can be prosecuted under Obama’s new laws, laws that we urge our readers to call the White House about at 202-456-1111 and your Congressional Reps via this link to help ensure that Obama’s Orwellian police state proposals quickly go down in flames. Videos below explore this unfolding police state in America and Obama’s Orwellian cyber-crime laws in more depth as the US govt attempt an end run on freedom of the press and the 1st Amendment as a last-ditch effort to hide their own myriad crimes against humanity.

Central to the problems with the recommended updates to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) are vague terms that could easily be interpreted to prosecute innocents, no matter how weak their links to actual criminal activity. Anyone who “intentionally exceeds authorized access to a protected computer, and thereby obtains information from such computer” could be charged. That sounds acceptable on first inspection, but the definition of “exceeds authorized access” includes using a computer with proper authorization “to obtain or alter information” the relevant party is not entitled to look at, “or for a purpose that the accesser knows is not authorized by the computer owner”.

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