The BLM standoff times two has just begun. This time, it is in Oregon and this time, the Militia have taken over a federal building with no plans to leave. The people are fed up and desperate for answers, and to end the oppressive tyranny in America. Cliven Bundy has rallied the troops to stand with the Hammonds, so the government does not infringe, again, on the Hammonds rights.

However the event may look, the Patriots are not acting violently, they are not shooting, they do not intend to shoot unless fired upon. Which leaves it all up to the BLM and federal agencies, these organizations seek to destroy our rights and make people serve them. Their ground troops do not want to see a fight, but their leaders do. All about the public’s opinion, what happens when Obama calls for more gun control and then an event like this pops up?


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Who are the British accented metrosexual foreigners running their mouth about American affairs. Are these the same fools who have let their queen and muslims… Read more »

the joker
the joker

So its the beginning. Who’s side will u be on. I know where ill be. As the old saying goes. ” DON’T tread on me”!

Mario Tabula
Mario Tabula

Its a crying shame more “SO Called” Christians aren’t standing up for their neighbors!

Marie Devine

Please get this to the Bundys. You win nothing if you die. I am a witness, you CANNOT break one of God’s laws to overcome… Read more »


Good work Nate – very fine truth journalism sir.