Breaking News Russian Strikes in Syria Appear to Target Syrian Opposition Not ISIS

There has been a major escalation in the Syrian crisis, what Russia stated and what Russia is doing are two very separate things. Russia has begun airstrikes in Syria and they are targeting Syrian opposition not ISIS. This leaves room for a conflict between Russia and the USA because of US assets within Syrian opposition.

Given the “dog-fight” the two countries have been in over every issue, it is quite evident that the goal in this circumstance is to bring about a global conflict.

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Russian warplanes have conducted their first air strikes in Syria, Russia’s defense ministry said adding that the jets targeted Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants, according to AFP.

A Syrian security source said the warplanes hit three Syrian provinces along with regime aircraft on Wednesday, AFP reported.

He added “Russian and Syrian airplanes carried out numerous strikes today against terrorist positions in Hama, Homs and Latakia provinces.”

Syrian rebels hit by Russian airstrikes

However, a U.S. official told Reuters the Russian sorties so far did not appear to be targeting ISIS-held territory.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Russia was carrying out strikes in the vicinity of Homs and perhaps other areas in Syria as well, noting that all U.S. information on Russian activity was still preliminary.

The Free Syrian Army, a foreign-backed opposition group, said the airstrikes wounded eight of its fighters.

“The northern countryside of Hama has no presence of ISIS at all and is under the control of the Free Syrian Army,” Major Jamil al-Saleh, who defected from the Syrian army in 2012, told Reuters via telephone.

Areas of the Syrian province of Homs struck in Russian air strikes on Wednesday are controlled by an array of rebel groups including several operating under the banner of the “Free Syrian Army,” activists, locals and rebels said.

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