The latest development in race baiting has been discovered at the Texas swimming  pool party incident that went viral. The police force showed up in and responded with brutality to teenagers having a pool party. The result is now the Swimming Pool Protest. The main cop in the original video happened to be cop of the year in 2008. The problem is that they weren’t responding to just a pool party, they were responding to a fight. Now the incident has evolved into the Swimming Pool Protest.

Did the cops show excessive force, yes. Police brutality has been on the rise for years now and has reached a point in our current time were people are simply just not going to take it any more.

Did the media race-bait? Yes. Simply put the media saw an incident and instead of telling the whole story only showed one side of that story. CNN pushing race wars and creating incidents and unrest just like in the new Swimming Pool Protest.

Texas Swimming Pool Protest The Cause Police Brutality

Now all that aside lets start at the beginning the police where responding to a fight that had broken out between adults and teenagers.

Now a whole different picture can be seen it is not about an “innocent” pool party. The police where responding to violence. However, even though the police where responding to violence they are also in the wrong. Now lets see what happened again with an understanding that both sides are in the wrong.

The police responded to a violent fight, and used excessive force as we have often seen and will continue to see because of the current regime and agenda that the US is under. After the fact, protests are beginning to emerge and here is the latest on that.

My hood… Right now! Crazy shit :-/

Posted by Mike Kemski on Monday, June 8, 2015

This is the latest video to surface from the scene of The Swimming Pool Protest.

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