Urgent Russia is now threatening Nuclear Strikes

The threat of nuclear war has now picked back up. Moscow has threatened the use of nukes over the annexaion of Crimea, and over 3 Baltic States. Urgent Russia is now threatening Nuclear strikes, has Putin had enough? Or is this his bluff to make NATO back down.

According to the independent:
Russia has threatened to use “nuclear force” to defend its annexation of Crimea and warned that the “same conditions” that prompted it to take military action in Ukraine exist in the three Baltic states, all members of Nato.

According to notes made by an American at a meeting between Russian generals and US officials – and seen by The Times newspaper – Moscow threatened a “spectrum of responses from nuclear to non-military” if Nato moved more forces into Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The Russians told the meeting, which took place in Germany last month, that an attempt to return Crimea to Ukraine would be met “forcefully including through the use of nuclear force”.
Putin is attempting to force NATO away from Russian borders, all while threatening nuclear war in Europe and according to a top Russian analysts’ statement, a final blow to America would be nuking Yellowstone and the San Andreas fault line.
This is only one of their attack plans on The United States of America. According to the analyst a nuclear strike on both the San Andreas fault in California, and The Yellowstone caldera would finish America once and for all.
This would be catastrophic not only to America, but the world as well. This strike would send the us into the dark ages as well as kill millions of innocent Americans. Given that one of their analysts just announced this option. The people of America must consider the possibility of such a strike. The probability of such strike is high, however since Russia just announced it, the plan could be a psyop. Such a psyop also proves that both sides are at fault in this war. Such a declaration proves that Russia is also not afraid of the US as it once was.
As the threat of nuclear war unfolds, the American people remain divided.