China Tears Down ‘Illegal Crosses’ From Churches in Henan Province

Chinese authorities stormed a Christian Church in Yichuan county, in the Central Henan Province, and tore down two or three ‘illegal crosses.’

The ruling Communist party originally approved the construction of the Crosses and subsequently removed them after they claimed them to be ‘illegally built.’

“The parishes were illegally built without permission from the government, so we demolished their crosses,” the paper reported Zhang as saying. “Activities in the illegally built parishes will be prohibited.”

State Media reported the occurrence on Tuesday and cited an unnamed official.

In addition to the aforementioned, Chinese authorities also raided a kindergarten on the outskirts of Beijing and confiscated books, school supplies, and injured a local pastor during the entirety of the ordeal.


According to Zhu Bin, a local teacher;

“I wanted to enter the kindergarten, but they turned me away. Several security guards sat in front of the gate all night long. [Officers] observed the scene from a few cars parked around the kindergarten. Some security guards patrolled in the school. The parents and teachers were outside the kindergarten, trying to retrieve their personal belongings, but the security guards did not let them in.”

China has recently ramped up its persecution against Christians in an effort to create what they call Chinese Christianity (see more here), in other words, government approved faith.

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