New York Magazine Cover Portrays Trump as a Pig


On the April 2nd issue of New York Magazine, the cover depicts the President of the United States as a pig and alleges that Donald Trump is engaged in corruption.

In addition to the defamatory photography, the caption reads; “Not Collusion… Not Incompetence… Not Cruelty… It’s the Corruption, Stupid.” “Why His Self-Dealing is His Biggest Political Liability.”


The cover story declares that President Trump is a political liability because of corruption and greed, not Russia.

“Since Trump took office, his pledge to ignore his own interests has been almost forgotten, lost in a disorienting hurricane of endless news,” New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait writes. “It is not just a morbid joke but a legitimate problem for the opposition that all the bad news about Trump keeps getting obscured by other bad news about Trump.”

“Not only has Trump made no effort to raise ethical standards but he and his administration have flamboyantly violated the existing guidelines,” Chait writes. “Lobbyists are seeded in every agency, ‘regulating’ their former employers and designing rules that favor bosses over employees and business owners over consumers.”

The magazine is alleging that the President of the United States, Donald Trump, is now guilty of corruption; but the accusation appears to have been released after the House Intelligence Committee declared they could find no evidence of the Trump administration colluding with Russia.

Fair use, New York Magazine