'I Know God Is with Us': Family Praises God after Missing Toddler Is Found Alive after 3 Days in the Woods

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    ‘I Know God Is with Us’: Family Praises God after Missing Toddler Is Found Alive after 3 Days in the Woods

    Authorities have been praising God for His protection after a 22-month-old boy was found alive and well despite going missing for some three full days a nights. Rescue teams were astonished when they found Kenneth Howard perched on a 50-foot rock ledge just 2,000 feet away from his Kentucky home. He was unharmed and in “remarkably good condition,” according to those who discovered the youngster.

    A report from WYMTindicated that search teams were alerted to Kenneth’s location after hearing the cries of a young child. But it wasn’t just this that the group believe led them to the stricken youngster – they also believe that there was a divine hand guiding them to his location. 

    “It was a team effort, and God led us in the hands and to move that way,” said Carter Conley of Magoffin Search and Rescue. “I told the father that it’s a proud day.” 

    “I have been on a lot, and this is one of few that were successful,” he added. “I’m very thankful this one was successful. It was all a team effort.”

    Terrifyingly, according to Wolfe County Search and Rescue’s Chief John May, Kenneth’s cries could have easily attracted predators, especially seeing as he was lost in such a remote location where bears roam freely. 

    “An infant crying is actually a draw to wild animals,” May

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