'We Have No Regrets': Hong Kong Pastor Facing up to Seven Years in Prison Shares His Testimony before Court

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    ‘We Have No Regrets’: Hong Kong Pastor Facing up to Seven Years in Prison Shares His Testimony before Court

    After Pastor Chu Yiu-ming and eight others were convicted on Tuesday of crimes related to being a part of the pro-democracy Occupy Central with Peace and Love Movement and the Umbrella Movement protests, he stood in a Hong Kong courtroom and gave the sermon of his life.

    According to Christianity Today, Chu – who is the leader of the Chai Wan Baptist Church and a pro-democracy advocate– shared his personal testimony before the court recalling how his difficult childhood lead him to Christ, to a life in ministry and to fighting for human rights.

    According to an English translation of Chu’s testimony published in the Hong Kong Free Pressthe pastor said, “I am a Christian minister committed to the service of God. I have resolved to live a life of friendship with the weak and the poor, praying that God’s justice be manifested on earth as it is in heaven, and that the gospel of love and peace be proclaimed among the people.”

    He continued, “But today, old and grey, I find myself in the Defendant’s dock, making a final plea as a convict. It looks so absurd, if not outright shameful for a person holding holy office.

    “And yet, at this very moment, my heart tells me that with this defendant’s dock, I have found the most honourable pulpit of my ministerial career. The

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