18-Year-Old Comes Forward as Mother of Newborn Found Buried in Flower Pot at Texas Cemetery

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    CARROLLTON, Texas — The mother of a deceased newborn baby found buried inside of a flower pot at a Texas cemetery last month has come forward after seeing reports about the incident in the media.

    “An 18-year-old has come forward and identified herself as the mother of an infant found deceased in a Carrollton cemetery in March,” the Carrollton Police Department outlined in a statement on Monday. “She came forward after seeing news coverage of the incident and is cooperating with our investigation.”

    The teenager’s name has not been released, and police state that no further information will be made public at this time as the investigation is ongoing. According to reports, she came forward on Friday and is not in custody.

    “Detectives are still investigating the circumstances, awaiting test results, and awaiting consultation with the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office,” the department outlined.

    As previously reported, on March 11, a grounds caretaker at the Perry Cemetery in Carrollton noticed the flower pot being “out of place,” and went to empty it out. That’s when he discovered an infant buried underneath the soil.

    The Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office has identified the baby as being a girl, between 34 weeks gestation to full term, and weighing just under six pounds. Her umbilical cord was still attached.

    “Information from the reporting caretaker indicates the flowerpot was placed in the Perry Cemetery sometime between Wednesday, Feb. 27 and Saturday, March 2,” the Carrollton Police Department outlined.

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