“2A Doesn’t Entitle You to Own a Gun” – Joe Biden

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    Sometimes former Vice President Joe Biden shoves his foot so far into his mouth that it’s downright scary. Sometimes he says things that are totally wrong. This is one of those. At a speech in New Hampshire on Tuesday, he said the Second Amendment (2A) exists, but “doesn’t say that everyone is entitled to own a gun.”

    photo of Joe Biden from Wikimedia Commons- public domain

    Perhaps he failed to read the Heller decision from the Supreme Court. Or a history book. Or doesn’t know the meaning of “keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    The former Vice President has been an advocate for assault weapons bans, and other gun control measures for years. As he continued to spew his disdain for firearms on Tuesday, he said this:

    “By the way, if one of you left the keys in your car down the street, and a kid comes along and jumps in it and takes off, you could be held liable civilly for that. So if you own a gun, put a damn trigger lock on it. Put it in a case. You have an obligation.” Joe Biden

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