6YO Boy On Track For Repressed Puberty To Dysphoria Diagnosis

    Updated: February 1, 2019 at 1:54 pm EST  See Comments

    As reported in an earlier article concerning a Dallas, Texas, custody case, when in the care of his mother six-year-old James attends first grade obediently dressed as a girl enrolled under the name “Luna.” But when with his father, where he’s given the choice of boy or girl clothes, James chooses boy clothes and refuses to wear girl clothing. Despite this inconsistent behavior, a gender therapist has given James a diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

    In response, heartwarming things have happened in the fight to save James. A team of designers volunteered their services to update the website and another caring friend started an online petition directed to Texan representatives to do something to prevent this kind of abuse of children. Generous people donated to the father’s legal expense fund, raising half of what is needed.

    But the father, Jeff Younger, is still hampered by a shortage of finances to secure expert witnesses and perform a forensic custody evaluation to change the outcome for James.

    After writing the first article about James, I arranged to visit Jeff and his six-year-old twin sons in Texas. We met on a Thursday evening during the boys’ usual two hours of visitation with their father. To keep the time casual, Jeff suggested we spend the time with his good friends, the Scott family and their four young children, who always enjoy time together. READ MORE

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