‘A Certain Sound’: New Book Challenges Christians, Churches to Think Biblically About Open Air Preaching

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    A new book has been released that teaches modern-day Christians about the biblical practice of open air preaching, and encourages the Church to get out of its comfort zone and take the gospel to a lost and dying world for the glory of God.

    “It’s not some kind of weird, radical way of evangelizing. It’s actually very biblical and it’s pretty normal actually if you’re looking at the Bible,” Ryan Denton of Christ in the Wild Ministries of El Paso, Texas told Christian News Network.

    “A Certain Sound: A Primer on Open Air Preaching,” co-written by Denton and Scott Smith of Schoolmaster Ministries, provides a history of open air preaching, guidance on the doctrine in the declaration, counsel on the necessary character and competence of a prospective preacher, and exhortation to the local church.

    The two men, both open air preachers themselves, said that they found the book a needed resource as such publications are nearly nonexistent in the modern age.

    “There is a void when it comes to this kind of literature,” Denton stated.”There are books on open air preaching written in the early 1900s, and 1800s, but nothing up to date. Nothing so far as contemporary literature goes.”

    Smith, a former headmaster at a classical Christian school in Florida who began open air preaching nearly a decade ago, told Christian News Network that preaching in the open air is exemplified throughout the Scriptures, including in the life of Christ himself.

    “Jesus was an open air

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