AL Abortion Ban – Leftists in Meltdown Over “Patriarchy”

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    The AL abortion ban signed on Wednesday by Alabama Governor Ivey has leftists up in arms about the “patriarchy.” All this blather about “women controlling their own bodies” is hogwash in the first place. But here is what happened on Wednesday.


    The Alabama legislature passed the most restrictive abortion bill in the nation, and their governor signed it into law. That was after Georgia’s Governor Kemp signed the “Heartbeat bill.” The left is having a cow over it. But it is the inevitable reaction to the extreme pro-abortion legislation passed in places like New York. The situation will no doubt end up at the Supreme Court sooner than later in the hopes of overturning Roe v Wade.

    The ACLU has vowed to sue over the AL abortion ban as well as the Georgia law. Do they not realize this was bound to happen after North Carolina’s Governor talked about allowing a full term baby to die on the table? Or New York City’s Mayor lighting up buildings in pink to celebrate passage of another extreme full term abortion bill?

    The left thinks that all the white women are indoctrinated into “white supremacy.” Newsflash: they’re the

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