Alaska Women’s Shelter Placed Under Investigation Following Complaint From Man Who Identifies as Woman

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    ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A Christian women’s shelter in Alaska has filed suit as the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission has not dismissed its investigation into the facility after a man who identifies as a woman filed a complaint because he was not accepted for admittance to the shelter.

    According to the lawsuit, the Hope Center is unabashedly Christian in nature, and offers Christian counseling, Bible studies and group devotions to the women who stay at the facility. Prayers are said before meals. Staff also play Christian music and television inside the shelter, and the building is decorated with Christian messages. A cross rests atop the building that reads “Jesus saves.”

    “By loving, serving, and teaching homeless women in this environment, Hope Center seeks to encourage them to put their faith in Jesus Christ and free themselves from destructive addictions, habits, or situations,” the legal challenge explains.

    The Hope Center also holds to the belief that biological men should not change their clothes or sleep in close proximity to women, and therefore, it only accepts biological women for admittance for the sake of the other women staying at the facility. The sleeping room at the Hope Center features rows of mattresses three to five feet apart.

    It additionally requires that those staying at the center not be under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

    Therefore, on Jan. 26, when members of the Anchorage Police Department dropped off a man who was inebriated and had a cut above

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