American Family Massacred near U.S.-Mexico Border, 9 Dead, Including 6 Children

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    American Family Massacred near U.S.-Mexico Border, 9 Dead, Including 6 Children

    While traveling through Mexico to meet with family on Monday, three American mothers and their fourteen children were ambushed by hitmen believed to be connected to the Mexican cartel. 

    Reportedly, Rhonita Miller was heading to Phoenix, Arizona to retrieve her husband from the airport and Christina and Dawna Langford were heading to Chihuahua to visit with family when they came under fire.

    The ambush, which occurred just miles away from the U.S.-Mexico border, left all three mothers and six of their children dead, the Christian Post reports.

    According to Reuters, the victims, who are from a prominent Mormon family, are believed to have been used as bait in a “territorial dispute” between the Sinaloa Cartel and a rival gang.

    Reportedly, the first vehicle carrying mother of seven Rhonita Miller and four of her kids – eight-month-old babies, Titus and Tiana Miller; ten-year-old Krystal Miller and twelve-year-old Howard Miller – took on heavy fire eventually causing the car to catch fire. All five of them, trapped in the burning vehicle, perished.

    Ten miles ahead, Christina Marie Langford Johnson and Dawna Langford were driving in two separate vehicles when they, too, took on fire. With Christina was her baby Faith Johnson and with Dawna were nine children. 

    According to a statement released by family member Kendra Lee Miller, “They both were fired upon from ahead and Christina jumped out waving her arms to let

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