Americans Of All Stripes Should Be Ashamed Of Adam Schiff’s Impeachment Kangaroo Court

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    Whether or not one believes that the contents of President Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian President is an impeachable offense, Americans who believe in equal just for all should be embarrassed about Adam Schiff’s Kangaroo Court. It’s not the way we are supposed to search for truth and justice in this country.

    There is nothing in the Constitution explaining how an impeachment investigation should proceed. However, there have been seven impeachment investigations by the U.S. House of Representatives since 1974, two presidents (Clinton and Nixon), and five federal judges. Each one of those investigations began with a Congressional vote to authorize an impeachment investigation.

    Out of the seven, two resigned before they the Senate trial (one was Pres. Nixon), four were convicted and thrown out of office ( believe it or not, one was a Judge named Nixon), and one, Bubba Clinton was acquitted. You might have heard of one of the Judges tossed from the bench Alcee Hastings (D-FL) who was ousted for bribery in 1989, has been in Congress for 26 of the years since 1993.

    An official vote to proceed with an impeachment investigation is essential for fair play. In an official impeachment investigation which traditionally

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