Amish Mennonite-Run Charity Puts Two Top Officials on ‘Leave’ for Allowing Serial Child Rapist to Return to Haiti

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    BERLIN, Ohio — The board of directors of an Amish Mennonite-Run charity rocked by revelations that one of its workers sexually abused dozen of boys in Haiti has now placed two of its top officials — Paul Weaver and Eli Weaver — on leave pending an investigation as they have acknowledged that they allowed a confessed pedophile to return to Haiti, where he then continued to serially rape young boys.

    The board for the Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries said in a statement released on Monday that it was not aware of Jeriah Mast’s sexual abuse of male youth, but has discovered that the two Weavers — one who served as assistant director and the other who served on the executive committee — were privy to his confession in 2013.

    “Paul Weaver and Eli Weaver are two men who have faithfully served the Lord and our ministry for many years in management roles. Unfortunately, they allowed Jeriah to continue to work in the field even after his confession in 2013 of sexual activity with young men that had taken place several years prior,” the statement outlines.

    “Both men recognize that their failure to properly investigate and inquire into Jeriah’s conduct was a serious failure in judgment and should have severe consequences,” it advises.

    The CAM Board of Directors has consequently placed the men on administrative leave pending an investigation.

    “CAM is placing Paul Weaver and Eli Weaver on administrative leave pending a full investigation of their role in

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