An ‘anti-endorsement’ from the Left for Democrat Joe Biden

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    I tried but I simply couldn’t think of a catchier title than the one appended to a November 7 editorial published at “The Nation,” which I have appropriated for the headline of this post. (A runner-up was the subhead The Nation selected — “His long record of poor judgment and cozying up to bankers make him the wrong candidate to take on Donald Trump” — but it wasn’t nearly as pithy.)

    Joe Biden is still the nominal front-runner according to national polls, but his lead has shrunk dramatically since he first threw his hat in the ring, and — more importantly — he is trailing Elizabeth Warren in the all-important early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire. A shock poll that came out this week shows that the former vice president is in a dead heat in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup with Hillary Clinton.

    Although I have no more sympathy for the hard-line liberal editors at The Nation than I do for Biden, himself, I understand their pain. As avid supporters of all the big-ticket pie-in-the-sky proposals to come from Democratic candidates in this cycle, they write that “vigorous public debate is the best way for the strongest progressive

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