An Open Letter to Jack Graham in Response to His Dallas News Article Pastor Jack Graham,

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    In my 30 years of pastoring a Southern Baptist church in Texas, I have faced plenty of criticism. It’s par for the course, especially if you hold on to traditional, biblical views in America nowadays.

    But never, in all these years, did I ever think I would find myself in a situation facing criticism for actually opposing a bill that would ban abortion in the state.

    The Abolish Abortion in Texas Act, recently introduced into the Legislature, has been touted as a “pro-life” bill. But while I agree with the spirit of the bill, its mechanism of action is a far cry from “pro-life.”

    The bill would amend the state’s criminal code, so that a woman who has an abortion could be charged with homicide and potentially face the death penalty.Here is the link to his original article:

    Pastor Jack Graham, rebuttal to the article Pastor Graham…..

    Your recent article for the Dallas News2 contains logical, factual, and theological errors.  Please consider the errors that you are making in your reasoning.  The errors you make are very similar to the errors that many Southern Baptists made in regard to slavery and many of them are consistent with the argumentation used to support the pro-choice cause.

    Faulty Facts:

    HB 8969 would not have resulted in the death penalty for women who had an abortion procedure.  Only six

    The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at HNewsWire

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