Most Anglicans in UK See ‘Nothing Wrong’ With Premarital Sex, Gay Relationships Despite Church Doctrine

    Updated: June 29, 2017 at 8:46 am EST  See Comments

    A strong majority of Anglicans in the U.K. say they no longer adhere to biblical beliefs on premarital sex and same-sex relationships, according to the British Social Attitudes survey.

    The Moral Issues section of the survey, which was conducted last year of nearly 3,000 people but was released on Wednesday, found that 73 percent of Anglicans within the Church of England approve of having sex before marriage, which was also supported by 76 percent of Roman Catholics.

    Back in 2012, only 54 percent of Anglicans said they approved of sex before marriage, which the CofE speaks out against.

    For the first time, the majority of respondents from both the Church of England and the Catholic Church said they supported same-sex relationships, the survey found. Fifty-five percent of Anglicans said there was nothing wrong with such relationships, despite the CofE banning gay marriage, up from 31 percent in 2012.

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