Anna Paulina Luna, FL-13 Candidate Links Labelled as “Danger to Community” by Social Media

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    Republican candidate for FL-13, Anna Paulina Luna, is an ardent Second Amendment and US veteran supporter.  She’s fighting for her political life in a race that demands money to stay viable. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have her campaign donation links falsely labelled as a “danger to the community” and have removed it now 29 times as of the day of this writing.

    Her donation link is here – funny, it doesn’t appear to be a “danger to the community.” But there is obviously an agenda here to keep her out of the race.

    There are a myriad reasons to support and vote for this Conservative Hispanic lady: first, she served in the USAF while stationed at Hurlburt Field in Florida. She is a veteran supporter, and opposes the current trend of “red flag laws” that tend to target US veterans.

    She is the chairwoman of the Hispanic Initiative at Prager U.   She has been a frequent commentator on Fox Business, OAN, The Blaze, and others. She has in the past worked with Turning Point USA. She has a degree in biology from the University of West Florida. She could have gone to med school, but decided to stay and fight for the

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