Apple CEO: It’s a ‘sin’ NOT to ban those who disagree with company’s ‘values’

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    NEW YORK, December 5, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed Monday that his company’s mission extends far beyond designing hardware to spreading Apple’s own interpretation of morality.

    In what is an ironic co-opting of religious terminology, the secular tech mogul made his appeal speaking about “morality,” “sin,” and that which is “sacred.”

    Cook, who recently announced that being gay “is God’s greatest gift to me,” said technology companies have a moral obligation to ban certain people and content from social media and digital platforms, and that to not do so is a “sin.”  

    “My friends, if we can’t be clear on moral questions like these, then we’ve got big problems,” declared Cook. “At Apple, we are not afraid to say that our values drive our curation decisions.”

    “I believe the most sacred thing that each of us is given is our judgment, our morality, our own innate desire to separate right from wrong,” he continued. “Choosing to set that responsibility aside at a moment of trial is a sin.”

    The Apple CEO offered his religion-tinged remarks while accepting the Anti-Defamation League’s first ever “Courage Against Hate” award in New York City.

    Cook made it clear through

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