Are Dems diving in popularity? Polling may suggest they are

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    A new report in – based on a story in the New York Times – suggests some bad news for Democrats heading into 2020.

    Polling data suggests Democrats are losing popularity among voters. Could the presidential debates be part of this? (Screen snip, YouTube, NBC)

    Polling data on the party’s popularity has, in the words of the Times article, “flipped.” Last year, Americans reportedly had a 53 percent favorable view of the Democrat Party. This year, that’s declined to 42 percent while Republicans have evidently rebounded from their 43 percent favorable rating last year to a 52 percent favorable this year. A year in politics can be an eternity.

    Part of the polling cited by news agencies shows support for gun background checks at 88 percent, while 10 percent oppose expanded checks. However, according to the Washington Examiner, gun sales may have jumped in August, possibly because of concerns of new gun control measures coming in the wake of mass shootings in California, Texas and Ohio.

    Likewise, many people may have purchased guns for protection in the event they are caught in a mass shooting.

    With Congress back in session, gun control is high on the priority list, but

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