Armed Pastor Takes Down Shooter During Rampage At Walmart

    Updated: June 22, 2018 at 6:57 am EST  See Comments

    An armed Pastor in Tumwater Washington is now being hailed as a hero after he thwarted an armed assailant in a local Walmart who was on a shooting rampage.

    Tim Day, according to authorities is responsible for the shooting, his motives remain unknown. However, there is a suspicion that Day may have been having an episode when he went on a shooting rampage.

    “At this point, we’re not sure what his motive was,” Laura Wohl of Tumwater Police told KOMO News. “There are some indications that he may have been experiencing a little bit of paranoia and wasn’t sure whether his car and his situation were safe.”

    The Pastor, according to Police and local Media desired not be named and requested that his identity be kept private. However, KOMO news, while not naming the hero did say that the Pastor is also a paramedic.

    As the situation unfolded the Pastor and a thirty-seven-year-old licensed gun-owner, Jesse Zamora, responded to the situation before the arrival of police. Zamora described that while he was inside the Walmart shopping with his wife he heard what sounded like two gunshots, moments later, people began to run in the store and scream “shooter.”

    Zamora says at this point he pulled his gun. Moments later, he was joined by forty-seven-year-old Oakville Pastor who asked if he was armed, when Zamora responded to the Pastor “yes,” the Pastor said, “let’s go.”

    Zamora stated that the Pastor confronted Day and “he said something along the lines of ‘Put your gun down.” Later on, he heard gunshots and watched Day die. According to Zamora, based on the assailant’s behavior, he believes, that he would have shot more people.

    “Thank God for a concealed weapons permit state we live in, and those two men were carrying at the time,” Milton Mathis, a customer, told KOMO News. “We get a bad rap in this state about the ‘open carry’ law and concealed weapons permit, but that day it prevailed, and somebody’s life was saved.”

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    BarbaraBarneyWilliam BerntsonRanger Rickconnie Recent comment authors

    This is what we all need to learn and face it and be ready. Our ancestors didn’t raise wimps, its in our blood. Our history… Read more »


    we need our weapons in this day of meds overdosing, crazy ungodly people, anger and illegals with gun in gun ban cities, like Chicago (Chiraq)… Read more »

    Charla Vandermeer
    Charla Vandermeer

    Bravery is too rare these days. It is fantastic these 2 men saved many lives!!

    Ranger Rick
    Ranger Rick

    It is those of us who carry, that defend those who refuse to defend themselves. But these same people scream to high heaven when no… Read more »


    Good for him!!

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