Army Investigator Recommends Chaplain Be Found ‘Derelict in His Duties’ Surrounding Lesbian Who Wanted to Attend Marriage Retreat

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    FORT BRAGG, N.C. — An investigator with the U.S. Army has recommended that a Southern Baptist Army chaplain be found “derelict in his duties” surrounding a matter in which he declined to lead a marriage retreat after learning that a lesbian had signed up to attend the event with her partner. The investigator argues that the chaplain, who rescheduled the event so that another chaplain could lead it, took too long to act in the matter and only did so after being threatened with an official complaint. The woman did not end up participating after all.

    “I recommend that you [Commander Col. William Rice] find C.H. Squires in violation of the EO (equal opportunity) policy. I recommend that you issue an administrative or non-judicial punishment consistent with the violation,” wrote investigating officer Maj. Ford, whose full name was redacted in the new Aug. 1 “Findings and Recommendations Memorandum”, as released by the First Liberty Institute.

    “Even if you find that CH Squires did not violate EO policy, I recommend that you find CH Squires derelict in his duties as a commissioned officer and a chaplain …,” Ford wrote.

    As previously reported, Chaplain Scott Squires had been asked to lead the “Strong Bonds” Army-sponsored marriage retreat this past February, and he initially obliged. However, two weeks before the event, a woman asked if there were available slots for her and her partner to attend.

    Squires consequently outlined that he would have to personally bow out of the event as he

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