Artificial Intelligence Has Developed Its First Drug: A Vaccine

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    Mac Slavo
    July 17th, 2019
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    Artificial intelligence will soon get to decide what human beings are injecting into their bodies. AI has now developed its first drug, and it’s a flu vaccine.

    An AI has managed to develop a “promising” new flu vaccine all by itself. Obviously, a world where there’s no flu seems like a utopia, however, it’s hard to see a machine caring much about what humans inject in themselves.  After all, Big Pharma doesn’t even care about the toxins they ask us to inject with their vaccines.

    Researchers for Big Pharma often spend billions of dollars and countless hours developing new drugs, and billions more advertising and peddling their drugs to us, only for the vast majority to fail long before they reach human trials. So they’ve taken to using artificial intelligence to create the drugs we will be using.

    According to Futurism, the AI, called Smart Algorithms for Medical Discovery (SAM), is the work of researchers at Australia’s Flinders University. The Flinders team started by feeding SAM information on chemical compounds known to activate the human immune system, as well as compounds that are known to have no effect on it, researcher Nikolai Petrovsky told Business Insider Australia Then they developed a computer program that could generate trillions of chemical compounds and let SAM decide which of those compounds might be promising candidates for new drugs.

    The team then synthesized some of SAM’s top candidates and tested them on human blood cells in a lab. One of those candidates was a flu vaccine “turbocharger” that later proved incredibly effective in animals.

    Clinical trials of the new vaccine in human patients have now kicked off all across the United States. If they go as hoped, we could be entering an era of

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