Australian Woman Advised to Abort Baby With Terminal Condition, Child Born Completely Healthy

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    BRISBANE — A mother in Australia is crying tears of joy as her newborn baby girl was born perfectly healthy after medical tests had previously shown that the child had a terminal brain condition, resulting in doctors recommending an abortion.

    Brisbane Birth Photography shared Dinah DeRegt’s story on Dec. 3, stating that everyone was in “shock” over the outcome of the situation as they had been told to prepare for the worst.

    “We literally saw the diagnosis. We spoke with multiple doctors and specialists in depth. We were referred to the pallative care team to ‘plan,’” wrote doula and photographer Serena Rollason. “And on multiple occasions, even I was asked if I knew what I was in for and prepared myself for the journey that I was about to undertake as a doula supporting this family.”

    Rollason explained that the baby had been diagnosed with Pontocerebellar hypoplasia (PCH), a genetic condition in which the cerebellum and the pons in the brain are abnormally small. Fluid on the brain was also seen in MRI scans. Doctors estimated that the child would live anywhere from a few hours to young adulthood.

    “The family was told to ‘terminate’ the pregnancy, as there is no cure. There is no ‘fix.’ There is no answer,” Rollason outlined.

    But on Dec. 2, baby Brianna was born completely healthy, and doctors could not find any of the conditions previously detected while in the womb.

    “The initial diagnostic symptoms she had have miraculously disappeared and she was

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