Author Randy Alcorn Went to Jail Over Refusal to Pay Abortion Facility, Donated Money to Ministries Instead

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    SANDY, Ore. — Christian author Randy Alcorn recently recounted his days in the pro-life Rescue Movement and his refusal to pay damages and legal fees to an abortion facility, as well as his share in a collective $8.2 million judgment in another abortion-related case. Rather than giving any money toward the killing of unborn children, he went to jail and walked away from his pastoral position, but found that God blessed his stance for righteousness exceedingly abundantly above all that he could ask or think.

    Alcorn, author of the books “The Grace and Truth Paradox” and “Why Pro-Life? Caring for the Unborn and Their Moms,” shared his story on his website on July 1 as he traced the hand of God throughout the past nearly 30 years.

    Serving as pastor of Good Shepherd Community Church in Oregon, Alcorn was active in pro-life ministry in the 1990s. He was a board member for a pregnancy resource center and would join others outside of abortion facilities during what is called the “Rescue Movement” to help save babies’ lives.

    “We simply stood in front of the doors to advocate on behalf of unborn children scheduled to die,” he explained. “I did this nine times in a twelve month period and was arrested seven of those times.”

    In light of his efforts to save the unborn, Alcorn and others were sued by the abortion facility and lost the legal battle. They were advised that they were liable for $2,800 —

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