Bad star rising: Sun’s twin ‘Nemesis’ could have caused dinosaur extinction

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    RT — New research has offered evidence to support the theory that our sun was born with a non-identical twin named “Nemesis” and some astronomers are blaming it for the death of the dinosaurs.

    Scientists have long noted, and sought to explain, the phenomenon of stars having companions. Now a new analysis by scientists from Harvard and UC Berkeley suggests that nearly all stars are born with a twin.

    Our sun’s twin, which has been dubbed “Nemesis,” would have orbited the same point as our sun before venturing off into the galaxy. The star has never been found, but new research suggests that it must have existed because all stars are born in pairs.

    Nemesis picked up its ominous sounding name from a theory that suggests it launched the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs.

    Researchers reached the conclusion after observing newborn stars in a large cloud in the Perseus constellation. Several decades ago researchers established that stars are born inside egg-shaped cocoons called dense cores, which are sprinkled throughout immense clouds of cold, molecular hydrogen that are the nurseries for young stars.

    The Perseus molecular cloud is one of these stellar nurseries, it’s about 600 light-years from Earth and about 50 light-years long.

    “The idea that many stars form with a companion has been suggested before, but the question is: how many?” said Sarah Sadavoy, one of the researchers and a NASA Hubble fellow at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.

    “Based on our simple model, we say that nearly all stars form with a companion. The Perseus cloud is generally considered a typical low-mass star-forming region, but our model needs to be checked in other clouds.”

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    That’s just more lies to add to the other lies. So they’re really saying is the big bang had two of everything. Now I’ve heard… Read more »

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