Beto O’Rourke: I Expect Americans to Comply With My Mandatory Gun Buyback — Video

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    As we and others have reported, Democrat Robert Frances “Beto” O’Rourke has said he will institute a mandatory gun “buy-back” if elected to the White House.

    He has further said that he expects Americans to obey his dictatorial edict, and he doesn’t think it’ll require police to go door-to-door.


    REPORTER: “On your guns proposal on assault weapons, I’m curious how you’d seek to implement that and would you support criminal penalties for non-compliance? And what do you make of the fact that some of your rivals are coming up with that idea or are open to that?”

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    O’ROURKE: “Yeah, I think that’s a great sign. And I will add that gun owners, Republicans, non-gun owners, Democrats alike, have been approaching me, telling me they support this proposal. We had a guy in with Bill, first question that was asked, he said, ‘I’m an AR-15 owner and I would gladly give it up or destroy it or sell it to the government if that’s what helps make us safer.’ Being at a gun show in Conway, Arkansas and having people who are selling AR-15s and

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