Billy Graham's Grandson Back in the Pulpit following Cheating Scandal

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    Billy Graham’s Grandson Back in the Pulpit following Cheating Scandal

    Former preacher and grandson of the late great evangelist Billy Graham is set to take the pulpit once again, just a few years after being embroiled in a career-ending cheating scandal.

    Tullian Tchividjian, 47, recently launched a new community of faith in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, called “The Sanctuary.” On its new website, the church states that its mission is “to be a church where God’s boundless love meets a broken world.”

    “As we prepare to launch in the fall, we are currently meeting every Sunday morning at 10:30,” reads the short blurb. “Feel free to join us and to bring a friend.”

    In July of 2015, Tullian resigned from the post of senior pastor at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Florida after admitting an extramarital affair. He was then hired by Willow Creek in Winter Springs, Florida, before being fired after disclosing another previous affair. Since then, the preacher has been posting regularly on Twitter, addressing subjects of grace, forgiveness and the problem of sin.

    “You are not defined by your worst moments,” the preacher tweeted recently. “You are not defined by your greatest accomplishments. You are not defined by what others think of you OR what you think about yourself. You are not defined by what you do or fail to do. You are defined by what God has done for you.”

    You are not defined by your worst moments. You are

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