Calif Bill Caps Freelance Journalists to 35 Articles Per Year

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    In a bid to protect “regular employees” and to “preserve good jobs,” California Gov Newsom has signed a bill introduced by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez that caps the number of articles a freelance journalist can publish in any one year at 35. (AB 5) For many who write for California magazines and papers, that prohibits their ability to make enough money to survive. Thirtyfive articles is the amount many freelance journalists write in one month or less, not an entire year.

    “Everyone’s freaking out, like my anxiety is going through the damn roof.” Amy Lamare, Freelance journalist

    Wait, what?!

    — Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) October 21, 2019

    Section 10 of the bill reads:

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    “(x) Services provided by a freelance writer, editor, or newspaper cartoonist who does not provide content submissions to the putative employer more than 35 times per year. Items of content produced on a recurring basis related to a general topic shall be considered separate submissions for purposes of calculating the 35 times per year. For purposes of this clause, a “submission” is one or more items or forms of content by a

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