California Red Flag Law Being Expanded

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    In spite of the failure of the California Red Flag Law to stop mass shootings in Gilroy and Thousands Oaks, they are expanding it. The newest push adds employers, coworkers, and teachers to the list of people who can tell authorities that someone is a danger to others. The bill was approved by the legislature and sent to Gov Newsom on Monday.

    Employers, co-workers and teachers could ask judges to take away guns from people who are deemed a danger to themselves or others under a bill that has cleared the California Senate.

    California enacted a so-called “red flag law” that took effect in 2016. But it only allows law enforcement and immediate family members to ask judges for gun restraining orders. Assembly Bill 61 by Democratic Assemblyman Phil Ting of San Francisco would expand that law.

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    Lawmakers decided that the California Red Flag law expansion would be “helpful.” But it sets up another whole pile of issues Constitutionally.

    Civil libertarians have objected to the fact that the law allows guns to be removed for up to 21 days

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