Canadian Group to Indoctrinate Children on ‘Gender Identity’ With Videos Featuring Girl Puppet Who Identifies as Boy

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    A Canadian group has released several short videos for teachers and parents featuring a girl puppet who identifies as a boy, as well as “social and emotional guides,” in an effort to “help children with the process of identity affirmation.”

    The Jasmin Roy Sophie Desmarais Foundation, which focuses on providing resources to address bullying and discrimination in schools, publicly released the videos and downloadable guides on Wednesday, telling CTV News, “We need to develop emotional and social skills for educators, parents and other children who are around those children exploring their gender or expression.”

    The videos feature a puppet named Julia, who is sad because she would rather be known as Julien as she doesn’t feel like a girl.

    “Julia is a girl’s name, and I’m not a little girl,” the puppet states. “I’ve never felt like a girl, but everyone thinks I’m a little girl.”

    When her friend, Alex, asks how she can help Julia feel happier, she explains that she wants to present herself as a boy.

    “I’d like to cut my hair,” she says. “And I don’t want to wear dresses or girl’s clothes anymore. … And can people stop calling me Julia?”

    Alex, replying positively, tells Julia that she will take her to the hairdresser and to go shopping so that she can pick out the clothes that she prefers.

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