Canadian Man Roundhouse Kicks Pro-Life Woman as She Explains Her Views: Viral Video

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    TORONTO — A video showing a Canadian man roundhouse kicking a pro-life woman as she answered his question about rape babies has gone viral, and the man responsible for the act has been arrested.

    According to reports, Marie-Claire Bissonnette, 27, approached Jordan Hunt, 26, at the annual Life Chain event in Toronto on Sept. 30 after he had been allegedly defacing the pro-life signs of participants with a marker. Hunt was speaking with a sole “pro-choice” protester standing on the sidewalk, who advised him to “kill them with kindness.”

    “What?” Hunts asked when seeing Bissonette approaching him, filming.

    “Destruction of private property. It’s against the law,” Bissonnette replied.

    “Hey, if somebody gets raped by somebody, and they’re like, ‘I’m a sixteen-year-old and I can’t have this baby!’ Think they should keep it?” Hunt inquired.

    “It’s a baby,” Bissonette began to respond. “If someone is raped and she gave birth, and she decided to kill her three year old child …”

    Mid-sentence, as Bissonette was speaking, Hunt got into position and roundhouse kicked the woman. Her phone fell to the ground, but continued to record, and the woman can be heard calling out for someone to contact the police.

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    “I meant to kick your phone!” Hunt claimed twice.

    He soon fled the scene of the incident.

    “He kicked me in the shoulder [and] my phone went flying,” Bissonnette told the Toronto Sun. “I started shouting

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