Centrus, Part 1: The private company costing you billions, affecting national security

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    Centrus Energy is one of those odd birds in the private sector that should be looked at very closely. It is a publicly traded company that can’t exist without taxpayer money. The Government Accountability Office has shown that there are questionable ways in which the government helps the company. The company, which is the only American company allowed to enrich uranium, was created by an act of Congress. All of this has grown into what has cost this country billions and there is still no valid use for the company.

    The founding:

    Centrus Energy was originally known as the United States Enrichment Corporation. It was created by the Energy Policy Act of 1992 and further defined by the USEC Privatization Act in 1995. Few companies can show that sort of birth. The federal government, in their wisdom, wanted to privatize uranium enrichment for nuclear power plants. Instead of allowing companies to grow in the United States to handle to situation, they took the government owned property and turned it into a near monopoly. The properties had been operating for decades and were extremely contaminated.

    The corporation was created on July 28, 1993 and an initial public

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