Centrus Part 2: The Paducah, Kentucky enrichment site history

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    How do you even begin to understand the clean up of a site that includes 3,556 acres? How do you begin to grasp how to clean up around 1600 tons of atomic weapons parts that are throughout an entire facility that was supposed to be for enriching uranium for nuclear power plants? How do you begin to understand the effects of hundreds, possibly more dying of cancer because of false promises? This is what a person has to understand when thinking about the Paducah enrichment facility that is getting cleaned up. This clean up is slated to go on for over twenty more years.

    All that being said, just talking about this site can take many articles and that is just covering a synopsis of the facts. People in Paducah needed jobs. The government, through the use of government contractors, gave them that. The safety of these sites are such that billions of dollars and hundreds (if not more) lives were put at risk. The issue with the Paducah contamination is not the fault of Centrus, then USEC, but their decision to lean heavily on a site that was already in the cleanup process is the

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