Centrus Part 3: The lawsuits for Paducah enrichment site

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    The simple fact is that the science behind cancer and radiation was not really getting scientific proof until the 1980s and 1990s. Safety on worksites was not a big concern, either. There was some proof, which is why some of the lawsuits were able to go forward in the early 1980s. The people working at the plant were just looking for a job. The people living around the plant did not sign up for the contamination they were exposed to in both the soil and the water. The conditions that caused all this grief and expense carried on till the close of the plant. Some of this carried on for 2 decades under USEC, which would become Centrus.

    The number of people affected

    In 2000, the Senate Appropriations Committee held hearings about what was happening at Paducah. In the Senate hearings, it was said that 15,000 former workers and 5,500 workers that were there in 2000 were “put in harm’s way”. Documents were uncovered from the 1950s that the people in charge of the plant knew about the dangers that were faced by all those workers. It was even found that the Department of Energy tried

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