Chair Says Idaho Bill to Outlaw Abortion ‘Adamantly Opposed’ by ‘Pro-Life’ Groups, ‘Hopes It Never Sees Light of Day’

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    BOISE, Idaho — An audio recording posted online on Sunday captures the pro-life identifying chairman of a Senate committee in Idaho telling a constituent that local pro-life groups are “adamantly opposed” to a bill that seeks to outlaw abortion in the state, and that he likewise finds it to be “detrimental to the pro-life movement” and “hopes it never sees the light of day.”

    According to the recording, Idaho Senate Health and Welfare Committee Chairman Fred Martin believes that the Idaho Abortion Human Rights Act will likely be struck down by the courts and the state will have to pay the legal bills of the abortion rights groups that sue.

    “Idaho code defines a fetus as a human and says killing a human is murder. Abortion is in contradiction to the inalienable rights recognized in the Idaho Constitution, and the State of Idaho has the authority to nullify federal laws that would allow abortions,” the Act reads.

    “Their bill is detrimental to the pro-life movement. It destroys the pro-life movement. And I hope it never sees the light of day,” Martin told his constituent in the undated recording.

    Martin stated that he is openly pro-life, has sponsored a number of bills to address the issue of abortion, and would like to see the practice end. However, he said that “every pro-life organization is against the bill”—namely Idaho Right to Life, National Right to Life and Idaho Chooses Life—and that he doesn’t “want to

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