Chick-fil-A Employees Give 500 Free Sandwiches to Texas Police Officers after Mass Shooting

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    Chick-fil-A Employees Give 500 Free Sandwiches to Texas Police Officers after Mass Shooting

    Employees of an Odessa, Texas Chick-fil-a took customer service to a whole new level Aug. 31 during a shooting spree in their community that left seven dead and nearly two dozen injured.

    As the tragedy unfolded, managers decided to close the restaurant early so employees could go home to be with their families. The employees opted instead to stay with their work-family to show a little kindness. They teamed up with a sister Chick-fil-a to make food for police working a shooting scene that spanned two cities.

    “Absolutely blown away by this amazing team of people,” supervisors of the University Boulevard restaurant posted on its Facebook page. “After heartbreaking events in our community today we planned to close early and send our team home to be with their families. As they were walking out of the restaurant an opportunity to feed local law enforcement presented itself and they were given the option to help…not one person said no.”

    They joined forces with a store in Odessa Town Center to cook 500 sandwiches and “packaged them with the most joyful hearts and a lot of love.”

    The Facebook post included words of encouragement for police and offers of prayers for the community.

    “Sometimes light in a dark world looks as simple as a hot chicken sandwich,” it continued. “We just couldn’t be prouder of these helpers and their hearts of gold. Grateful

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