Christian Accountant Says Lesbians Trying to ‘Destroy Business’ After Declining to File Taxes Jointly as ‘Married’

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    RUSSIAVILLE, Ind. — An accountant in Indiana is under criticism after she told a lesbian client that she cannot file her taxes jointly as “married” due to her Christian convictions.

    According to reports, Nancy Fivecoate of Carter Tax Service has served homosexual clients for years and continues to do so. She has specifically prepared tax returns Bailey Brazzel for four years, filing her taxes as an individual.

    Earlier this month, Brazzel took her partner Samantha, whom she “married” in July, to Carter Tax Service to file jointly as a couple for the first time.

    Fivecoate told her that she couldn’t file the two jointly, as her convictions will not allow her to sign her name to the document. She offered to either file separately or provide a referral to another tax agency.

    However, the women took to social media about the matter, and the press soon also began contacting the women for comment.

    “It’s not professional to me to turn someone away because they do something differently than you would like,” Brazzel, 25, told the Indianapolis Star.

    “I don’t understand it,” share also remarked to Yahoo Lifestyle. “Nancy said she files tax returns for gay clients, but only if they’re not married.”

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    Fivecoate says that she has now received numerous calls attacking her over the matter, and her husband told Fox59 News that he is becoming concerned for the safety of their family.

    “For many

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